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heylo.. well, im sitting here chillin with colleen.. its 2:23 rite now.. and she's cutting words out of magazines. while im being a bored little person! online! lol.. anywho.. today was fun.. i woke up and i got ready.. then me and tina hung out fer a while.. then we went to tina's nieces t-ball game.. and just chilled there.. then when we came back.. we called colleen and seen if she wanted to spend the night ova tina's with me.. she said yea.. well me and tina and her dad put the tent up together.. lol.. "tent".. and then we all left at like 10:30 and went to pierce.. we all chilled up there fer a while.. and we met will up there.. well me and colleen left will and tina alone.. so they could be together.. alone.. lol.. we were just walking around and all of a sudden we heard this lady scream.. me and colleen looked at eachother.. then we started running really fast back to will and tina.. i was like yelling.. omg omg omg! well, sorta.. it was loud enouph to wake sean frazher from him not so beauty sleep! lol, jp! but.. me and colleen ended up wanting to go back to see what the scream was all about and when we were walking through this lil ali thing we saw this guy walking twords us.. and we both screamed and started running really fast twords tina and will again.. then we saw that it was just sean frazher.. he started talking to us.. and he said he came over my house a couple days ago at like 11 at night er sumthin.. by himself.. "riite" but oh well.. then me and colleen were just chillin.. and i guess we were a lil loud cuz sean kept going shhhh.. he tried to make himself look sexy with his finger going shh.. but i just laughed at him! lol.. it was gr8 tho.. well we got home around like 12:30-1:00 in the morning.. and we all decided to go in our lil tent to just chill.. and we saw 2 whole pincher/earwig bugs crawling around in the tent.. i killed both of them.. but we didnt want to sleep in there cuz they might of crawled in our ears when we were sleeping and lay eggs in our brains.. or they could of crawled in our mouths.. ewww! so we all came inside and tina fell asleep rite away..and me and colleen came online.. fun fun!

im so happy i finally have been able to update.. i havent been on fer so long.. its terrible.. i have lost touch with so many ppl! it sux! hmm.. i dunno!! anywayz

theres more to my summer that i havent told you about.. but i dont feel like going through it ALL! theres to much of my gr8 life.. "riite".. lol


much kisses and hugs!
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