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hey..well im ova justine's house rite now.. she went to taco bell er sumthin with jake s, and some other kid to get food.. well this is what happened today and yesterday..

yesterday- ok, im going to skip all the boring stuff and move rite on to the big thing.. i went online last night, and talked to james fer the whole night. seriously. we didnt go to sleep until 8 in the morning! it was gr8.. and i felt so comfortable telling him stuff.. cuz i know that i can trust him! it was just a wonderful thing.. and im so happy!!

today- well, i went to sleep at 8 and i woke up around two in the afternoon.. well, i got up and took me a shower, and when i got out.. jake s, and some other kid were in justne's room.. everyone looked at me, cuz i had a towel on my head, and i was all like out of it.. and i was so immbaresed.. jusine took a picture of me. i like hid in the bathroom fer like an hour.. TRYING to do my hair.. but it wouldn't work.. sadly.. well they all went to taco bell er sumthin to get food, and i didnt want to go, cuz i wasnt ready. so there supposed to just bring me back some food!

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