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hey hey. well.. im sitting here at home.. talking to ppl.. being bored.. well.. this is what happened today..

well me tina colleen ashley and krista all went jet skiing with tina and her dad.. well.. krista took me and ashley out first.. and she kept doing these dougnuts with the jet ski and she flipped it completely over.. all of us flew off of it.. me and ashley were laughing our asses off.. hahaha.. krista was all scared cuz of the "fishes" lol.. well.. tina and colleen came up next to us and helped us tip it back over.. well we kept trying to start it back up but it wouldnt work.. well we didnt want it to sink so tina and colleen drove back to shore on the other jet ski and got tina's daddy.. and he helped us pull it back up to shore..well he was working on it all day.. trying to get it to run.. and everyone else was just taking turnes going on the other one..me and ashley saw this humongo fish swimmin at the top.. it was a "prehistoric" one.. lmfao! haha. .seriously it was huge tho.. we all think it was sick tho.. cuz fish arent supposed to swim up at the top like fer ever.. they get scared.. well.. ashley and krista.. and i think someone else.. accidentally ran it over.. tears.. they killed my pet! his name was george.. and i wanted to love him and squeeze him.. and spank him when he was bad.. but they killed him.. OH WELL! anywayz.. we just went skiing fer the rest of the day.. then we came home.. i took a shower and took a nap! then i woke up... and now im online! thats it.. peace

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