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ahhhhhh! fun fun!

well. today was oh so fun! me, colleen, ashley, tina, and krita went to metro beach.. but we didnt go in the beach cuz thats just grose.. ewww! so me, tina, krista, and ashley all went into the pool.. well when i jumped off of the diving bored.. my shirt flipped over and you could see my boob.. and i didnt notice..and i was walkind around with my bood showing.. ahhh.. then, we all went down the water slide and when i did.. my top completely came off!! ahhh. and i was like going to die.. tina had to help me put it back on cuz ash wouldnt.. lmfao! thanx ash.. well. we ended up just chillen in the water.. and we saw sean frazher's brother.. ahhh. so we hung out with him fer a while! well.. when we were about to go home..the car broke down.. so colleen's dad had to come and jump the car.. well me tina, krista, and ash all started driving home with colleen's dad.. and colleen drove with her mom.. and her two nieces.. well.. colleens mom's car broke down in the middle of the road so colleen's dad had to get out and jump her car again.. then we like went around the block and it stalled again.. in the road.. again!! so colleen's dad got out of him car and pushed it to the side.. but it was really hard.. so this really nice.. cute black guy helped him move it to the side of the road... clap clap clap clap!! well.. the can wouldnt start again.. so we had to fit like 8 people in one small car.. in the hott.. agh..we were like all sticking to eachother.. and being uncomfortable.. wll.. when we finally got back home to colleen's house.. all of us jumped in the pool rite away.. seriously no joke.. we didnt do anything else.. ahhh.. it was so wonderful.. lol.. so we just swam in there fer like 3 hours.. about.. and then we got out and all took showers.. well, me, colleen, and ashley are all spending the night over my house tonight.. so that should be fun.. christina and krista had to leave cuz its krista's bday and they went to a family party!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTA!! I LOVE YOU GURL!!.. well.. thats about it..


p.s.. i have a brand new s/n so i might be on that sometimes.. its- X6complicated9X

pp.s.. this is my new favorite song.. i feel so!!

"cause i feel so mad,
i feel so angry,
feel so careless,
so lost, confused, just mad..
i feel so cheap
so used, unfaithful..
lets start over,
lets start over!!
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